Marla_AufmuthWhile traditional wedding photography captures the polished and posed form, my intention is to capture the simplicity, sentiment, and subtle magnificence of each wedding. I document the smaller, more personal instances, the casual interactions, and the deeper sentiments beneath the poised smiles and classic portraiture. I see you just as you are and capture what you bring to your wedding day. Although much of wedding photography, especially portraits, are planned in advance, my philosophy allows for the spontaneity of the unexpected, taking a casual stance and inquisitive eye to each unique day. Your wedding day is a personal expression of your affection, to be shared with those you choose, an expression of which my photography aims to encapsulate. I aspire to incorporate your ideas and meanings in my photography while retaining the integrity of the frame and authenticity of my style. To augment the individuality of your event I have designed Thank You Postcards, the Coffee Table Album, and the wedding day photo booth. All of which intend to enhance your one-of-its-kind occasion.

I currently share my time between San Francisco and Los Angeles, photographing weddings from Sonoma to Mexico to Italy. My wedding photography has appeared in The Knot, Snippet & Ink, Elegant Bride, Wedding Bells, and Bride’s magazine. I will be celebrating my twenty years of wedding photography in 2014.

To reach Marla at marla christina wedding photography, please call 415.206.1775 or email

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