Accolades from Felice and Taylor

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A sweet note from Virginia and Matt

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Testimonial from Maia and Dave

Marla came very highly reccomended to us from a few different sources and having her photograph the wedding turned out to be one of the best planning decisions that we made.  Our wedding was rather unconventional in a lot of respects, but Marla was able to nail the style that we were looking for with minimal direction.  She listened to our requests and followed thru on them.  The pictures feel honest, unpretentious and natural.  She also has a great eye for capturing the essence of a spontanous moment while making the subjects shine.  With everything else going on during the big day, the last thing we wanted was to have to manage our photographer and there was none of that with Marla.  It’s great to be able to trust a professional’s judgement and just let go of control with confidence that you’re in good hands.  She would slip thru the crowd unnoticed during the cermony and reception but was able to herd up the extended families and corral them together for group shots with finesse and humor.  After the family portraits she led us away from the bustle just in time to catch the light of the setting sun for some amazing shots of us together that are really special.

During the reception we opted to have Marla provide a (human) photo booth in addition to the candids that she took of people dancing, etc.  This turned out to be lots of fun and our guests had a blast with it.  It also gave us an entirely different set of pictures of all the people that we love being incredibly silly and just enjoying each others company…in portrait studio quality photos.  We strongly reccomend the photo booth to anyone that wants to be sure that their guests have a fun time.

Marla’s follow up service after the wedding continued as smoothly as the photography.  The pictures had already been posted on her website when we returned from our honymoon and once we looked them over, we just emailed a link to our guests and they were available to all.  A wonderful final touch was in the thank you cards that Marla made from our favorite pictures.  It was a great way to share wedding memories with our guests and thank them at the same time.

Working with Marla was a joy and for something as important as pictures, was money very well spent.  Thank you Marla!

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Testimonial from Ashley

From Ashley Scher
Submitted on 2009/01/13 at 1.24pm

Planning a destination wedding can be an overwhelming ordeal, especially in a foreign country. From the venues to the florist to even our wedding coordinator, we were dealing with a lot of unfamiliar faces. I was referred to Marla by a close friend of mine. I went to her website, and was incredibly impressed by the body of work, but I was nervous about whether she would be willing to make the trip to Italy.

After my first correspondence with Marla, my concerns were alleviated. Not only did she make the trip, she poignantly captured the most important day of my life to date. She was there every step of the way, including our civil ceremony earlier in the day. Her work was top notch, and the photos turned out beautifully – even in 95 degree heat! Marla brought a high level of professionalism to the event. She also demonstrated that she wasn’t afraid to sacrifice herself for a great shot.

Our wedding was spectacular, and every time I look at the photos, I am taken back to each special moment of the day. I was extremely pleased with her work and would recommend Marla to anyone planning a wedding, local or destination.

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Testimonial from Kristine

Marla did such a fantastic job with photographing our wedding! Every picture was so vibrant and beautiful. She captured the day and all of the excitement and joy in such detail. It was ridiculously hard choosing which photos to frame. Everyone who saw the pictures remarked how stunning they were. I love how modern and unique her photography style is. She does neat close ups and artistic shots without going overboard. I think you can really trust her to capture the mood and feel of the event so you will not only be able to treasure the beautiful pictures for years to come but the magic and joy that was in the air.
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Testimonial from Vicki, mother of Kristine

When you look at photos and can relive the emotions and feelings of such a special day, you know you have a good photographer! I smile all the way through the photos every time I look at them. Marla was very creative and captured some wonderful candid shots depicting the fun and happiness of the day. I think she has a knack for catching people’s personalities on film. My daughter and new son-in-law were extremely happy with the photos, which is the most important opinion of all. Thank you, Marla!!
Vicki Stephens
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Testimonial from Maggie

Marla was everything I could have asked for as a wedding photographer. In all of our conversations and on the big day itself, she was relaxed, easy-going, and fun, even when trying to get large group shots of extended families with small children. She is extremely professional and was very easy to work with–she responded quickly to any questions we had, and she had a very good sense of what we wanted from the photos.

During the ceremony and the reception, Marla did a fabulous job of taking candid photos and she was very unobtrusive. Our photos are fabulous–Marla did a great job of capturing the event, the mood, the feeling of the day, and she did a great job of photographing all of our guests in a really natural way. We were very happy with her and with our photos!


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Testimonial from Regina, mother of Maggie and Regina

From: Regina JK Sloan

When the first of our three daughters decided to marry, we had no idea where to look for a photographer.  Marla was highly recommended to us and it was our good luck she was free.  The photographs of the wedding and reception are exceptional.  The portraits were perfect.  As important to me, Marla was so unobtrusive in the church and during the reception we didn’t even remember some of the candid photos which included us.

Marla is so easy to work with and absolutely charming.  We have had two daughters marry in the last year and Marla photographed both of the weddings.  Marla Aufmuth is an artist when it comes to the quality of her photographs. We only hope Marla is available when our third daughter decides to marry.

Regina Sloan

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Testimonial from Nicole and Erach

We were lucky to have found Marla when we were looking for our wedding site in wine country. Each venue we visited handed us a stack of photo albums to look through, and each time we were immediately drawn to Marla’s bright, elegant and often playful photos. Her style is fresh and original, and everyone who had worked with her raved about how wonderful she was. After meeting with her in person, we never even considered working with another photographer for our wedding.
We were so impressed with Marla, right from the beginning. Not only was she extremely professional and responsive to our needs, but she also has a calming presence and she is so much fun to be around. She brings out the best in people (it shows in the pictures!), and she has a knack for capturing those unexpected moments that make an event special. Our photos are gorgeous, and we would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone planning a wedding.

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Testimonial from Alexandra, wedding coordinator

Young, energetic and creative….Marla captures moments through the eye of her camera lense.  I have watched her with my bride’s and she makes them feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. The end result are photos that capture the spirit of their wedding day.

Alexandra Kolendrianos
Wedding Planner of Miranda and Tim’s wedding

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